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Kingda Ka - Narumiya Mei x Reader
"OW! What? I'm right here, Mei!"
"[Name]! Let's go on that one over there!"
"Huh? Which?" Your gaze followed your boyfriend's finger.
"Hmm..I don't know that one." Your neck strained as you leaned backwards to get a good glimpse of the roller coaster. "Let me check the pamphlet here."
For the summer, Inashiro Industrial sponsored a schoolwide trip to an amusement park for a whole day. You'd rather stay home and sleep, but obviously Narumiya had other plans in mind, practically dragging you to school early in the morning to get seats on the bus.
"What's the name of that ride?" 
"You don't know? How lame are you?" Narumiya laughed as you punched his shoulder. "It's called Kinga Ka." He replied later on.
"Erm..." You scanned the paper looking for it. "Oh, here it-"
"Narumiya, No."
"Come on, [Name]!"
"Do you want me to die!?"
"It'll be fun!"
"Fun my foot! If I wanted a broken neck, I would've fell down some stairs this morning!" You started to walk away, but Na
:iconfaniki:faniki 40 11
Slushie - Furuya Satoru x Reader
"Furuya! It's time for practice!"
"...Er, Furuya?"
Where did he go?
You poked your head into the club warehouse.
There's a giant snot bubble coming from his nose...
Wait a minute.
The bubble popped. The raven haired pitcher groaned and rubbed his eyes.
"5 more minutes..."
"Furuya, why are you sleeping in here? Are you hiding from practice?" You asked the last sentence more sternly.
Furuya stretched and gave you a confused look, as if you were supposed to know the reason for his absence.
"It's hot."
"I don't want to go out there. It's too hot."
"It's summer, of course it's going to be hot." You arched an eyebrow.
"I don't care. I don't want to go outside."
You sighed. He sounded like a toddler.
You stared at each other in silence until you heard Sawamura's loud voice from across the field.
Curious, you turned around to see a couple of the baseball players running along the sidewalk, Sawamura in the clear lead, catching up
:iconfaniki:faniki 55 20
Giant Sweater - Kominato Haruichi x Reader
"Hmm, it's rather cold on this bus."
"It's summer; I'd rather not be melting during the 2 hour trip."
Haruichi sits in the sit next to you.
"Maybe I should've brought a blanket..."
You crease your eyebrows. The thought of Haruichi shivering troubled you.
"Hold on."
You rummaged through your duffel bag, and pulled out a rather large sweater.
"I was going to use it, but we could share it."
"S-share?" Haruichi's face turned a bright pink.
It took a moment until you caught his drift.
"O-oh. Not like that! I mean, it wouldn't be fair if I had all the warmth to myself and all..."
Despite his flustered face he manager a small. "Thank you, [Name]."
You went in first, and gave the other end to Haruichi. You averted your gaze as he put it on as well, thinking turning your eyes would magically make your blush appear.
"[Name], do you have a fever?"
"N-nO! I'm fine!"
"Your voice cracked."
"Y-yeah.." You mentally slapped yourself. Haruichi laughed.
"It sounded kind of cute."
"W-what are you sa
:iconfaniki:faniki 71 11
One Missed Call - Kominato Ryosuke x Reader
Hello dudes!
I never actually write stuff before the story..but...
There's a reference here, so it's better to look it up before you read and get lost, y'know?
"W-Why are we watching this??"
"Ah, you lost the bet, remember?."
"What!? I did no such thing."
"Says the girl who lost to Rock-Paper-Scissors thirty times in a row."
"I thought you were joking about the entire thing."
"Well, that's what you get." He huffed, clearly amused at the horror in your face. 
"Can't we watch something..sweeter?"
"Not really."
You pout and roll over, head in his lap.
"I don't want to watch this movie."
"Stop being a baby. I've watched Chakushin Ari a couple of times before."
You sniffled. "While I be able to sleep tonight?"
"Is that a no?"
"Can I call my Life Insurance before it's too late?"
Epilogue, 112 minutes later.
"[Name]-senpai? You look terrib
:iconfaniki:faniki 54 26
Make A Wish - Miyuki Kazuya x Reader
Pop! Pop! Pop!
"Happy Birthday, [Name]!"
"Damn it, Bakamura! You jumped out too early!
"Heh, whoops."
"Happy Birthday, [Name]!"
Taken aback, you sat flabbergasted on the tile floor.
" did you-"
"-Know? I told them all about it." Miyuki's self-satisfied voice rang out from the crowd of the Seido members. He walks closer to you, flashing his trademark cheeky grin.
"Happy Birthday, [Name]." He lent out his hand.
Your lip curls slightly, your cheeks turning a light shade of red as you extend your hand to touch his. 
"...Psych!" He pulls back his hand, and you fall flat on your face, causing playful laughter to erupt from Miyuki and everyone else in the room.
Lying face first on the ground, you groan." I hate you, Miyuki."
"Eh? What was that? I didn't hear you~" Miyuki crouched down to your plank-like body, cupping his ear with his hand. "Did you just confess your undying love to me~?"
Abruptly your head shoots up, and you begin to blush madly as several su
:iconfaniki:faniki 102 27
Heaven and Hell - Levi x Princess!Reader
Chapter XXV
“State your name and business.” You heard a bored voice from behind the door.
“It’s me, Levi.”
You heard a sigh, and the room grew quiet again.
“Get the hell in here.”
You open the door enthusiastically.
“Morning.” You smile.
“Where the hell were you for the last 3 months?”
“Sorry, Levi. I was in Wall Sina.”
“Doing what?” He interrogated.
“I didn’t know you became my personal detective when I was away.”
“Shut up.” He glared at you.
You couldn’t help but laugh. “I was just admiring my home one last time, I guess. Sorry I didn’t write any letters to you in that time period.”
He only scoffed.
You take a seat across from his desk. “What have you been up to?”
“What does it look like?”
You stare at his mountain of paperwork. “Not much, apparent
:iconfaniki:faniki 30 42
A Special Birthday - Art x Reader
The continuous hard rapping on your front door aroused you from your deep sleep, and you parted your lips; an angry moan escaping it.
Flat on your stomach, you roll out of the bed and land on the soft carpet. As you stand up, you slide into your slippers and trudge downstairs.
After what seemed like 5 minutes, you turned on the lights downstairs and swung the door open, mumbling a frustrated "Who is it?" in the process.
"[Name]?" Upon hearing your name, you looked up. Momentarily your eyes sparked with happiness, then reverted back to their tired phase.
"Art? What are you doing here?"
Your lilac haired boyfriend let out a quiet laugh. "Happy Birthday,[Name]. I'm sorry I couldn't come earlier."
You hardly noticed the sweet smelling rose bouquet, basket of sweets and the giant stuffed bear Art was holding; it was probably more than twice the size of his head. Were you that tired?
"Sorry, did I wake you?"
"Art, it's 2 in the morning." You huffed. 
You were rewarded with a small laugh
:iconfaniki:faniki 69 54
Heaven and Hell - Levi x Princess!Reader
Chapter XXIV
You woke up as if you were ordered by the apathetic voice.
"" You sat up on the bed sheets groggily. Snow was curled up into a tiny ball, his body moving up and down every so often.
"Where are we?"
"What happened?" You asked him, as he sat in a chair next to your resting place.
"You must have dozed off."
"Just like that?" You were shocked. One minute you were escaping death, and then the next you were in bed, like it was all a dream.
He simply gave you the well known intimidating stare.
"They say nobody in the building survived."
Your heart sank and broke into hundreds of millions of pieces.
Anneliese was dead.
"According to the information brought 8 hours ago."
You bring your eyes to his,a small spark of hope flashing in your eyes.
"8 hours?" You repeated.
"It was too dark to investigate further, with the exception of the moon. So they waited until morning."
You looked to the only window in
:iconfaniki:faniki 29 4
Heaven and Hell - Levi x Princess!Reader
Chapter XXIII
The moonlight stung your eyes.
"We're out." Levi announced.
You couldn't hold back your small smile; it was hard to believe. Levi set you down on a concrete slab and walked away to a boy who wore the Survey Corps uniform. He was a black haired teen; Probably 5 years younger than you. His sea green eyes opened even wider than they already were and looked completely horrified when Levi spoke to him.
You giggled at his expression. Levi wasn't terrifying at all. 
Shortly after, a midnight colored hair girl and a blond teenager-both who seemed rather close to the first teen-stood by his side and later walked off with him. You watched as Levi walked to another group. This time, they were people around his age:a much taller blonde man-in comparison to the other you previously saw-and a woman with glasses and brown hair tied into a ponytail, who looked rather excited about the incident.
You decided not to eavesdrop, but you heard partia
:iconfaniki:faniki 23 8
Watching Over - Seijurou Akashi x reader
"Seijuro, tuck in your shirt."
"I did."
"Do it again."
"Your shoe lace looks loose. Make it tighter."
"I brought the highly purified crystallized mineralized water you wanted."
He silently took the bottle as he retied one of his sneakers.
"Did you start your training regimen?"
The redhead opened his mouth to speak.
"Don't forget your homework."
"I didn't for-"
"And basketball practice starts in a couple hours."
"I know-"
"You have a shogi game today too, remember?"
"Why haven't you started your homework?"
"You told me-"
"Did you have lunch yet? You can't do anything on an empty stomach, Seijuro." 
"I ate-"
"Where did you get those scissors from!? You're going to cut yourself. Do you want to cut yourself?"
"I'll come back in a few minutes with a bento; don't go anywhere."
Akashi silently watched as his girlfriend graced into his house, as if she paid rent.
All the stuff she did, she didn't need to.
But she did, out of her own free wi
:iconfaniki:faniki 162 16
Inamorata - Yato x Reader
Giant doors sprung open, and the congregation arose. The pianist began to press the keys gracefully and swiftly. On cue, the trumpets blared, the flutes fluttered, the drums thumped, and the very close friends wept openly. The two flower girls happily walked in, spreading flowers behind and aside them as they walked down the red carpet aisle. A woman followed after.
There she was.
Her long, white gown trailing many feet behind, swishing gracefully as she walked. Her veil, held by a small and simple white crown, draped over her (h/c) hair, moving in harmony with her hair.
He couldn't help but smile.
His stomach was full of what everyone usually called butterflies. They, too, were excited to see the beautiful significant other trudging over, and they danced with happiness.
The God could feel his cheeks becoming warmer-and hurting more as well. He hadn't noticed he was smiling 5 minutes straight.  Then again, why shouldn't he be?
Her soft slow footsteps brought her closer. At any mom
:iconfaniki:faniki 83 15
Heaven and Hell - Levi x Princess!Reader
Chapter XXII
It was like you were floating on air.
Levi had a pretty sturdy shoulder-you'd give him that. It was strange how just the touch of a muscular shoulder made you feel safe; regardless of all the drama and warfare going on around you.
You felt secure as the drowsiness caved in on you. The quiet of the night wasn't helping you stay awake, either. So you did just that.
You fell asleep on top of Levi.
"....Dammit, [Name]. Get up."
You open your eyes angrily. "5 more minutes...."
"Snap out of it, idiot. We might not have 5 minutes."
"Huh? Levi?" You look around. You were still inside the death zone. "How long was I asleep?"
"Not long."
"Why did you wake me up?"
"Look behind you."
You didn't realize Levi had set you on the ground. When you turned around, your hair was tangled around a broken beam that was hanging in suspense.
"When did this-?"
"2 minutes ago. I tried untying your hair, but it won't budge."
You tried to unknot it y
:iconfaniki:faniki 24 5
Heaven and Hell - Levi x Princess!Reader
Chapter XXI
"You're lying."
"Not today, surprisingly."
"But why?"
"Easy." She sighed after a long pause, your response not to be heard. "Marriage."
"World domination?"
"In a sense. If I rule the government, I rule everything."
"How long ago...?"
"Did I plan this? Before I was even hired by that old man."
You stare in astonishment.
Marianne took this as a chance to continue.
"I wanted to control everything. That way, nobody could boss me around, or call me worthless or unwanted. Nobody listens to you unless you're one of the 'uppers'."
Your eyes lower in sadness. You used to experience these things with your father.
"The only way to get that power was to have a place in this wretched society. That meant getting under James' skin, so I can become Queen."
"But you couldn't have if he was still married to my mother."
"Good, you catch on. That saves me alot." She spun his pistol around her index finger. "That 'incurable' disease Anastasia
:iconfaniki:faniki 24 7
Heaven and Hell - Levi x Princess!Reader
Chapter XX
"...Well, at least that's one less person to worry about."
"I don't think now's the time, Anneliese."
"Ah, [Name]! Fancy meeting you here of all places."
"You do realize you've just shot a man in front of us, right?" Anneliese asked rhetorically.
Marianne ignored her. "Aren't you happy, [Name]? Now you're free from your engagement for good. Aren't you going to thank me?" She begins laughing, looking rather insane in the process.
"She's starting to scare me. More than before, I mean."
"I guess she's more than a whiny blonde after all."
Marianne abruptly stops. "I'm not a blonde."
You and Anneliese stare at her head in confusion. "Well, then. What's the color of the hair hanging from your head?" Anneliese asks.
"It's gold orange." Marianne responded irritatedly.
"Gold orange? You look more like a dust yellow, Marianne." You state.
"I've never heard anything so stupid in
:iconfaniki:faniki 29 11
Heaven and Hell - Levi x Princess!Reader
Chapter XIX
You stare at the tall man standing just 5 feet away with a rifle.
"Julie Kaiser, I think."
"Julien, you uncultured swine." He protested.
"I didn't even know you were here." Anneliese stepped in front of you, subliminally protecting you.
"What are you doing with Military Police weapons, Julien? Put it down." Anneliese demands in a threatening voice.
"You don't control me."
"You sound deranged. Julien, listen to me." She negotiated. "Do you really want to risk hurting your fiancée with reckless behavior?"
"Shut up. I don't give a damn about marriage to that."
"At least we feel the same." You mutter.
"You didn't seem like it when you strut in this same palace two weeks ago."
"That was a different time. Marianne has granted me power by her side when I get rid of that girl for her."
"She's bribing you, boy. It's not going to happen. Throw the gun away."
The floor shook violently underneath, then stopped
:iconfaniki:faniki 23 9
Heaven and Hell - Levi x Princess!Reader
Chapter XVIII
Your eyes sting as you abruptly wake up, ears ringing violently. Your blurry vision is slow to recover.
"Anneliese?" You call groggily. "Anneli-"
Firm arms wrap around your body, and sets you against the remaining parts of the wall.
"It's me, [Name]. I'm right here."
"Anneliese, thank God."
"We're going to be okay. Stay with me."
She pulls out a white cloth and wraps in gently around your head. As she applies pressure to stop the bleeding, the cloth immediately turns crimson.
"How are you doing?"
"Alright, I think." You reply.
"Anneliese, how can you stay so calm in a matter like this?"
"My job is to protect people, [Name]." She says simply.
She begins coughing as the smoke from the flames increase.
"[Name], we need to leave. I'm not sure how long this building can hold up."
"Hold up...?"
"Yes. This building is sturdy, but not sturdy enough. Eventually the hot flames would melt the beams supporting the building."
"You think th
:iconfaniki:faniki 25 8


Despite It All (Magi!JudarxFem!Reader) Pt. 10
Part 10:
Your night was rather restless, but each time you woke up from your sore face, you were soon comforted. With either a groan or a whimper, you alerted Judar you were awake and in pain and he would ice your swollen self once more. It would keep you up for a few minutes, but you’d get used to it and sleep once more.
When exactly Judar appeared to take care of you, you couldn’t place. He was just there soon after you woke up and he took the time to ease your pain. You weren’t even bothering to be concerned by his presence.
Sleep was the only thing you wanted.
He stayed there the whole night, though. You never had to complain more than once before he soothed your aches. At one point, he was even combing through your hair, untangling knots gently which was very relaxing.
So, when you woke up for probably the millionth time, groaning before you even felt the pain, you decided to stay awake for this one. Your eyes were closed as Judar shifted beside you and you felt
:iconkcshallenberger:kcshallenberger 7 4
Onomatopoeia|Mizuki Hisahito x Reader|
      You pushed yourself up onto your tiptoes to peek over the back of the couch. From where you were in the kitchen, you could see your ten month old leaning against his father. He didn’t have much hair yet, but you could still see tufts of orange beginning to stick up from every which direction. It was much to your dismay as you realized you were going to have the same situation as you did with your husband with unruly hair, but resigned yourself to your fate. You married the man, so what else did you expect?
      “Ridiculous, right?”
      Mizuki reached out and adjusted the baby on the couch so he sat a little straighter. “He totally fumbled that receive.”
      Of course they were watching sports again. You weren’t curious enough to know just what it was they were watching this time around, but sports tended to dominant the TV often enou
:iconchanson-de-sirene:Chanson-de-sirene 17 15
May Princess by selinmarsou May Princess :iconselinmarsou:selinmarsou 343 44 Lei-nad is amaze~! by Roxiichuu Lei-nad is amaze~! :iconroxiichuu:Roxiichuu 236 51 Erza Heaven's wheel armor by sakimichan Erza Heaven's wheel armor :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 16,260 382 Victor .nsfw optional. by sakimichan Victor .nsfw optional. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 9,170 241
to be triumphant . [ yuri plisetsky ]
{ -♔- }
'to be the victor'
{ -♔- }
✦older!yuri plisetsky x reader
Swirling senses of two beings clashed as one turned to the other, taking in her beloved's appearance. The morning after a great win is always looked forward to, and the feeling could now be allowed to feel familiar.
He turned soon after, and let a rare soft smile leak though; a gift for his lover perhaps. A gratitude was shown, love sparking between them in happiness. Although the sun was peeking about the horizon just to be seen, he knew, and so did she. It was a pretty little sight to be remembered; the slow moment in the fast world was rare.
In front of them, the background noise of the TV became noticeable, displaying yesterday's sports events. She sat up, grinning down at him. He turned away, recalling what he had thought was just about possible.
"...and Russia's very own Yuri Plisetsky takes gold home!"
:iconxoaces:xoaces 17 2
Team Daydream by 3D4D Team Daydream :icon3d4d:3D4D 171 23
Average. (Takumi Aldini x Reader)
You never really stood out. You weren’t the prettiest flower in the field, nor the smartest student in your class. Your cooking skills kept you safe from being expelled, but you rarely were among the first. When the Autumn Elections were announced, you weren’t surprised when your name was not on the list. There were much better students out there who deserved their place among the contestants. You were glad that you could at least watch and cheer them on with the crowd.
There was one person who was utterly annoyed with your attitude. How could you be pleased with so little when you could do so much more? You should be out there, objecting their decision, asking for your rightful spot in the competition. But you were oblivious to all of that. The blond was furious that no one else noticed. No one else really cared. Why did he care? Simply put, he became infatuated with you during the training camp. You were always giving it your all, even sneaking in the kitchens at night to
:iconxkiaraangelx:xKiaraAngelx 18 4
Link botw by sakimichan Link botw :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 15,634 272 Amaterasu .nsfw optional. by sakimichan Amaterasu .nsfw optional. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 17,427 351 Yuri On Ice group pic by sakimichan Yuri On Ice group pic :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 11,007 274 Swans sorrrow by sakimichan Swans sorrrow :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 13,638 228
Blossom | Oikawa Tooru
There had been a steady, repeated rhythm of his footfalls beside your own. Although his footsteps were larger, practically lunges in comparison to your own, you two had somehow managed to attain a specific rhythm that allowed the footsteps to harmonise with one another. You’d quickly become accustomed to this blissful rhythmic beat created with your feet and his
So when he slowed to a stop, it didn’t go unnoticed by your keen ears. It was as though the wind had drastically changed directions, an unmissable change that couldn’t be denied by anyone. Even the most ignorant people would’ve noticed it. A skip in the rhythm before it came to a dead stop.
“Hm? Tooru?” you looked over to him, eyebrows knitting themselves together in a mild confusion as you noted his gaze; fixated on you.
“(Y/N)-chan, there’s something in your hair,” he frowned.
You paused, raising a hand to your hair as you shook your head slightly, wondering what he was ta
:iconsrysarai:srysarai 37 10
xRiiiiin commission 2 by Tielss xRiiiiin commission 2 :icontielss:Tielss 58 10 One face a day 157/365. Princess Tutu by Dylean One face a day 157/365. Princess Tutu :icondylean:Dylean 136 19
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